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About our company

CriticalBlue is a Scottish technology company that provides software analysis and optimization services to global blue chip semiconductor customers and OEMs in fast moving sectors such as smartphone, tablet, telecom/networking, and automotive vision systems. CriticalBlue engineers come from all parts of the world and work on some of the most complex software environments while exceeding customer expectations. CriticalBlue has been operating for fifteen years and is a well-established part of the Edinburgh technological scene.

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Technology & Experience

For over 5 years, CriticalBlue have been providing performance engineering services to the leading global provider of data protection solutions. We are also active in Open Source, delivering optimized implementations of cryptographic functions to ARM's mbedTLS project.

CriticalBlue's software engineering experts routinely deploy smart analysis and implementation technologies aimed at fixing subtle performance bottleneck issues at the hardware / software boundary and verifying that things are working as they should across the entire software stack on Android and Linux based multiprocessing systems.

Software Optimization
Approov - Protecting Your Mobile API

Security as a service

With its know-how based on deep software stack optimization and mature dynamic runtime technologies proven in the field, CriticalBlue is ideally positioned to offer software security solutions that are quite effective even at the lowest binary level, computationally efficient, and invisible to end users.

CriticalBlue launched Approov to close the gap between the current web-oriented security solutions and the growing need for more trust in the app channel. Approov enables a fundamental advance in the digital economy security ecosystem by protecting your digital assets from cyber-attacks and fraud vectors and re-establishing the two-way trust needed to truly secure your business.

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