With Approov you control which apps can access your mobile app backend API in a secure and easily deployable manner. Our customers confidently allow API access from iOS and Android devices knowing that Approov will only authenticate legitimate apps and does not rely on app embedded secrets or keys.

This capability prevents misuse of your API by either automated software agents or unauthorized 3rd party apps, providing the basis for a range of API access management policies.

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Control automated traffic to your API. Block unauthorized attempts to scrape valuable data from your servers by automated scripts or bad bots.

Enable a trusted ecosystem for your API by restricting access to sanctioned apps only. Stop fake and repackaged mobile apps from impacting your business.

Safeguard traditional 3rd party API keys, which are vulnerable to reverse engineering and abuse, with an Approov protected cloud keystore.

Customer Stories

Racing Post Logo

Racing Post’s business relies on controlling access to its racing form data. Loss of that proprietary data means loss of customers and revenue. Approov was rapidly deployed to protect a new cloud based mobile API from data scrapers and cloned apps, providing a secure basis for the creation of further digital products.

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Nimses Logo

Social network Nimses identified that minimizing the risk of fake accounts spoiling their users' experience would be vital to their success as they grew. By deploying Approov as a basis of trust, they were able to build a security architecture which allowed them to stop fake account creation.

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