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Introducing APIs to service an increasingly mobile customer base adds significant value to your business, but also adds new risks from a growing number of mobile security threats:

Account Takeover

Fake Account Creation

Denial of Service

Credit Fraud

App Impersonation

Man in the Middle

API Security Breach


Approov Establishes a Trusted Environment That Protects Your APIs and Your Business

Only your authorized mobile apps, running in untampered environments and communicating over secured channels, can access your APIs and backend services. Botnets, fraudulent transactions, malicious scripts, and fake apps are blocked at the source.

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Mobile-First Customers are Reshaping Your Market


Mobile has transformed how customers do banking and make financial transactions. Explosive growth in mobile requires fresh and easily introduced security solutions.

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Mobile healthcare apps are proliferating rapidly, but you must protect personal healthcare data by securing the apps and the APIs they use.

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The way we get around is changing fast. As we increasingly use mobile apps to engage with transportation services, protecting these interactions are essential.

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Customers demand fast and safe shopping experiences. Grow and protect revenue with frictionless mobile and strong API security.

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Apps are a primary interaction point for most businesses today. Protect all information and revenue passing between your mobile users and backend services.

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