The Anti-Bot Solution for
Mobile Business

Mobile apps have become the digital touchpoint of choice, requiring a new approach to prevent API abuse. Approov verifies the authenticity of an app instance and communicates the verdict to your server. This establishes positive trust between your server and app with no impact on user experience. Bad bots can't authenticate and are therefore fully blocked.

You may be familiar with protocols like OAuth, OpenID, TLS and Touch ID's

Unlike other protocols you're already familiar with

Approov is neither a user ID protocol nor a network encryption protocol. Approov focuses on guaranteeing that only genuine app instances can connect to your server or cloud. User and network protocols are necessary but orthogonal to Approov.

How Approov can help protect your business

Approov works in conjunction with your existing authentication technologies, and when packaged with your mobile app, helps...

Ensure it’s business as usual for your app users even under a layer-7 DDoS attack, thus safeguarding your bottom line

Safeguard critical digital assets accessible from your enterprise API while maximizing availability for genuine app users

Enforce legitimate access to licensed content with no impact on quality of service

Ban fraudulent bid traffic and mitigate mobile app install fraud by verifying the provenance of ad requests and authenticating user interactions with ads

How Approov works

Built with these key factors in mind

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